Online shopping is a new shopping habit and there are hundreds thousand of e-commerce platforms on the world, where you can shop everything from home appliances, educational items, household items, fashion items, cosmetics, to cars, motorbikes and many other things.

Each platform has its own development strategy and targeted buyers, but most of them are now developed as international platforms so you can buy from any country without any difficulty.

1. Amazon

• This is one of thg biggest e-commerce platform. Amazon is present in many countries, their head quarter is in the US.
• Amazon website set up in 1994 and became online in 1995, since then, Amazon is always the leading name in US market retail revenue.
• People like to do online shopping with Amazon thanks to their simple interface, easy payment, multiple payment options and they frequently hold big sales off and discount programs.

2. Alibaba

• Next to Amazon is Alibaba – they are 2 giants of online shopping platforms nowadays.
• Alibaba is the online shopping platforms from China, created by Jack Ma in 1999. From 2010, Alibaba started to spread out to international and their target is to become a “google” in import export trading.

3. Ebay

• Ebay is an international e-commerce platform which is working as a huge online market. It is the center of various commodities and products from all over the world.
• Ebay connects independent sellers and buyers by whether direct sales or auction. The most special thing about Ebay is auction, where many buyers will bid for an item and who bid at highest price will be able to buy it. However if you would like to buy something on Ebay you need to have international credit card such as Visa or Master Card, Amex – JCB – Discover card or a Paypal account.

4. Bestbuy

• This is a reputable website liked by many online shoppers.
• You can easily find the product you need as they have a very good way of listing items on their website.

5. Walmart

• Walmart is the top retailer set up in 1962 in Bentonville, Arkansas, USA, by Sam Watson. Walmart presents in many countries such as Japan, Mexico, South Africa, China, India, Germany, UK… Till now, Walmart has 2.2 million personnels worldwide, serving 200 million clients weekly at more than 10,000 stores in 27 countries besides USA.
• With the trend of online shopping, now you can shop without going to their off-line store.
• Walmart provide their clients discount voucher, free ship and other interesting promotion program on special events. Their interface is also very friendly for shoppers.

6. Target

• This is e-commerce platform for USA market but it sells products from all over the world. If Walmart is the biggest retailer in USA, it is no doubt that Target is the second biggest. Target Corp was found by George Dayton and their head quarter is in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
• has good sources of various products to meet with various need of clients. Target offers free ship, easy shopping procedure, big promotion and discount, v.v. You can find nearly everything you need in daily life at Target.

7. Newegg

• Newegg is one of the best online website for those who are looking to buy tablets, cell phones, laptops, etc. They also provide softwares for video, sounds, education, anti-virus, programming and web developing.
• Newegg has more than 3 million products and is very popular among hi-tech addicts and online shoppers.

Above is list of top 7 e-commerce platforms that contribute much to online shopping. They are reliable and provide good products with reasonable price, bringing good shopping experience to shoppers with perfect package service.