For years, our “Emergency Response Plan” always includes the “Epidemic Response Plan” with detailed procedures under different situations.

However, for many years, that “Epidemic Response Plan” only exists in our capability documents when we tender important projects, and we haven’t had to prove it.

Coming to end of March 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic spread out to nearly 200 countries and territories, nearly 400 thousand people got contracted, nearly 20 thousands people lost their lives, the government of many countries, regions have to apply immediate isolation, quarantine, border-close, that makes many businesses cannot react in the new situation and had the disorder, delay in business.

The Covid-19 pandemic is raging all over the world with more than 530 thousand people infected

Vantage we have imposed our “Epidemic Response Plan” into practice immediately, and have proved its effectiveness. Our operations go on smoothly, we maintain our high level of services.

– Most of the data, documents are electronic and we can access from anywhere, with a secured system to prevent unauthorized access.

– The necessary infrastructure that our people can work from home same as in office.

– Different liaise points for the transaction that needs direct delivery/receipt so that we don’t have big crowds to gather, and we can back-up to each other.

– Our depot / storage / equipment / driver / truck fleets at borders to ensure smooth border-cross for cargo.