Vantage Fulfillment offers support to customers throughout the supply chain from sourcing through international transport management and operation services, to delivery of goods to the end customer as organizations or individuals!

Our strength lies within our ability to manage multi-channel logistics operations. We provide our customers with organization and the tools to provide optimal management of the flow of B2B and B2C. With our solutions,  the e-commerce management becomes simplified, and so the operation system is thereby reducing your costs.

Expert in commercial operations & cross channel strategies

  • Receiving goods from various suppliers, checking goods conditions, controlling and preserving products.
  • Storing products in line with custom and excise regulations and conducting customs procedures based on the goods volume that is suitable for your needs.
  • Customized packing according to your technical specifications, respecting the image conveyed by your trademark.
  • Conducting regular and irregular checks based on prepared packages.
  • Managing and handling the goods return process.
  • Being an appropriate organization to control the flow of the cross-channel B2B, B2C and omni channel.

Packaging & specific services

  • A wide range of packaging, individual settings, warranty marks, labeling, etc.
  • Advice and support by our team in the design and development of your packaging.
  • Custom packaging as required by customer according to consumer profile.

Accompanying documents for the purchase order

  • The addition of invoices, delivery slips, vouchers for return, personalized cover letter, gift card, in the desired language.

Secure & structured warehouse

  • Bonded, secure warehouses which are security protected 7days/7, with walled storage facilities subject to video surveillance, anti-theft systems and alarm systems, plus entrance security and fire protection measures.
  • Structured warehouses to store products by type and items constraints are orgainzed into distinct areas; consolidation area, specialized area and reserved area with separate entrances for your high value products.

IT tools : OMS, WMS, TMS.

  • These it tools underwent developed in-house and we easily interface these it tools for ERP systems or open source platforms.
  • Monitoring and controlling logistics flow and transportation.
  • Provision of effective communication with your customers: feedback on the status of orders and delivery by email and/or automatic text message in a unified way.

Management of your shipments

  • Vantage Fulfillment delivers to individuals or enterprises in not only in Vietnam but also throughout other countries worldwide.
  • Offer variety of services: standard delivery, express delivery, collect stores, courier.

Professional team

  • Employees are trained to meet your specifications using individually geared, technical standards while remaining responsible and sensitive towards your field of activities.